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Basic Mediation Course Conducted in Tuguegarao

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Everyday about 2,130 judges and 26,238 court personnel across the country contend with over 780,000 cases before the courts, excluding the Supreme Court of the Philippines. [More]

About Mediation

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Mediation is a process of settling disputes with the assisstance of an acceptable, impartial and neutral third party called a mediator. The mediator helps parties identify issues and develop proposals to resolve their disoutes. Once the parties have arrived at a mutually acceptable arrangment, the agreement becomes the basis for the court’s decision on the case.


About the Philippne Mediation Center

Pursuant to Supreme Court “en banc” Resolution A.M. No. 01-10-5-SC-PHILJA, dated October 16, 2001, and in line with the objectives of …


Mediation/Alternative Dispute resolution is a key component of the Justice Reform Initiatives Support (JURIS) Project of the Supreme Court of the Philippines’ Action Program for Judicial Reform. The JURIS Project is implemented by the Philippine Judicial Academy, The Alternative Law Groups, The Office of the Court Administrator and the Supreme Court of the Philippines-Program Management Office. It is supported by the Canadian International Development Agency through the National Judicial Institute.